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Amara Juliana Olivia Aquilla
Volcano girls, we really can't be beat.
How -- why is this all happening?

The Drakes come to visit and just put everything into a blender, messing it all up.
He's gone (literally gone) for a whole week, and I really shouldn't even call him.
And now -- now Alison's giving me cryptic advice about -- about... just stuff- stuff that really isn't really her... Okay. No, that's wrong- it is her business, I suppose. No! It's not her business because she's wrong- just wrong.

I just -- I just really want him to come home.

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When is Break again? This is getting sadly ridiculous, what with all of the essays, reports and tests that they're giving us on top of the rigorous Danger Room sessions; I'm exhausted. I'm also nearly 100% sure that Professor Summers hates me; he's teaching us Trigonometry! Honestly, that shouldn't be a high school math subject. :(
I just have to say that I'll be thankful for a week off from papers and textbooks.

Just out of sheer curiosity: how was the poker game that you boys had on Friday?

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I haven't updated this thing in... wow. It's been far too long.
I don't think that the professors are being overly strict about these anymore, thankfully, but I'm still going to try more to post entries.

There hasn't really been too terribly much happening around here- or am I just out of the loop?
Meg and I stayed up far too late last night, debating about our costumes for the Halloween party. Hers is pretty much brilliant, in my opinion. :]
What/who are you all considering going as? (I'm only asking if you're actually willing to attend.)

Okay- I'd better quit typing now. I have to go get ready; Meg and I going shopping today.

I'll see you all later. ♥

(OOC - Hmm. Seriously- I need to go find some different pics; this chick needs some new iconss! ;P)

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So, does anyone know who the new student is? I missed her name during the Danger Room and Ethics this morning. She appears to be becoming... well acquainted with everyone already.

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(OOC - Pretend that this was posted directly after this scene. Mm'kay? :P)

Wow, I went over a month without updating this journal. :/
Miss Monroe, please do not fail me because of my lack of entries.
The schoolwork here isn’t exactly given out in slim increments, and I haven’t really had time to log on to update.

At least I haven’t been failing my classes, like Math, for example. Thankfully, Bobby’s a really great tutor, and he has a firm grasp on the purpose for Math, more than I do, anyhow. He makes Math nearly fun to learn, which is new to me. Thanks Bobby. You're a really good guy, not that I really need to say it. :D

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I was assuming that things were going to be okay for the most part now. With Meg and I apologizing and talking about everything that happened, I just figured there wouldn't be much to worry about. I suppose I should not assume or hope for much of anything calm at this school.
John has Legacy. He actually has the Legacy virus.
I know he and I aren't close friends or anything, but he doesn't seem like the sort of person to deserve something as severe as this. I remember Dr. McCoy teaching his lessons where he was discussing the virus, but I hadn't even suspected that there could be a student here with such a case. And it's just..scary, and disheartening.
I mean, there is actually a virus that could kill anyone here at this school should they come in close contact with it. Any one of my friends could come in contact with it and contract it, just because of how we were born. It's sad.

I would really like to talk to John about all of this, but there isn't really much I should or could say to help him, or anyone else for that matter.

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I guess it wasn't bad enough that Bobby and I have not spoken since Thursday, now Meg and I aren't speaking either.
I didn't mean to yell at her, but I was just frustrated. She kept pushing and pushing for me to talk about things that I have no desire to talk about. I don't even know what I feel about Bobby, so I'm not able to give her a clear answer. *sigh*

And the Kellers' unexpected visit wasn't what I needed either.
Those two people have to learn their place. Sure, I worry about Rogue's powers with Julian, but it isn't anyone's place to break them up. I just hope they do not come back to this school. I really don't want to see them again.

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I thought that this was all behind Bobby and I. He is with Jubilee, and they seem very happy together. I shouldn't feel these feelings again, because I can't.

But the way he looked at me last night, and the way his cologne smelled and his laugh... NO!! No no no! He is with Jubilee, you nut! So stop thinking about him that way.

I didn't speak to him all day. He's avoiding me, and I am avoiding him. I really don't want it to continue this way with us. I have to talk to him soon.


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I don't know what the rest of you did to cause the professors to be so frustrated, but now I am sore. Extremely sore. And - I still have a headache.

I was hoping the teachers would be gentle with the schoolowrk today, but thus far they aren't. Just between math and history, I am going to be swamped with homework tonight.

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Thank the gods he's okay. Sitting around for hours waiting for him to wake up is not pleasant. I thought I was going to go out of my mind.

Julian - if you ever do anything like again, I'll kill you myself. You scared us all half to death. I know I said you are an idiot, and if you keep doing idiotic things like that I am going to continue to say it.

Now Alison seems pretty determined to destroy Rogue. It's not that I necessarily blame her, but I think there are better ways to deal with the situation.

I could really use some rest now.
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